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Boy in hands-on science class


We know that children are natural scientists - curious about how things work, interested in engaging and taking care of the natural world and full of wonder.  Our elementary science program encourages students to question, research, experiment and reflect on diverse subject areas. Learning is hands-on and students are able to think deeply about scientific principles that pique their interests.

Our middle school science program is designed to prepare our students for their high school science courses. Students study biology and the human body, as well as inorganic and organic chemistry. Additional units in robotics, physics and botany are woven into student experiences. Our middle school science program also includes culinary arts - combining science, executive functioning and culinary skills.


Studio Art

There is no limit to what artistic avenues are explored at TSMSOC. Color mixing, sewing, woodworking, ceramics, painting, drawing, print making and book making are favorite activities in Studio. Our campus includes two studio spaces - one for toddlers through 2nd grade, and another for 3rd through 8th grade. Our youngest artists develop an appreciation for art in the world while also developing their fine and gross motor skills. Students practice collaborating and supporting each other. Art history, theory, design, creativity, craftsmanship, and reflection are interwoven into all aspects of the studio program. Students engage with the art community at large during learning journeys to the many art museums and galleries throughout St. Louis.



Performing Arts

Participation and exposure to music and performing arts is naturally integrated into life at TSMSOC. Students experience singing, performing, dancing, composition, theory, and more. Students build confidence learning and performing as part of a band or ensemble. We have two all-school performances each year and many school assemblies and parent events where students showcase their learning. Students have access to our music room and instruments outside of the classroom often practicing and exploring before and after school, and during lunch. 



Physical Education

Our PE program aims to help students connect physical activity with lifelong health, well-being and fun! TSMSOC is known for our biking program. Pre-Kindergarten students use balance bikes at three years of age and graduate to pedal bikes. Students learn biking skills including bike control, hill techniques, appropriate gear shifting and how to participate as a team member in a group ride. Character development, collaboration and teamwork are integral to our PE program. Students are outside as often as possible and we are thankful to have Forest Park, Washington University and several parks within walking/biking distance of our campus for student exploration and movement.