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Chapel is a long-standing tradition at The St. Michael School of Clayton. Twice a week, 1st through 8th grade students and teachers gather (often in the Chapel, sometimes around our campus) for community building and reflection. We have a wonderful birthday tradition that happens in Chapel and our facilitators work together to teach students about current events, world religions, being good citizens, celebrating differences and more. Our students present information during Chapel and make announcements about activities within the school. 

New this year, Jess Speropulos, Director of Youth Ministry for The Church of St. Michael and St. George, facilitates Chapel once each week. (Jess is also a TSMSOC parent!) Lessons this year have included what to do when something feels heavy, the importance of belonging, the difference between a want and a need and how challenging it can be to wait. While Ms. Jess has shared lessons about God and the Bible, our Chapel time is committed to also sharing lessons about different faith practices and traditions.

Current families are always invited to join us.

We conclude Chapel each day with a non-denominational prayer/meditation that has been part of our school day for decades. Participation in saying (and doing the hand signals for) this joyful prayer/meditation is optional.


God to enfold us,

God to surround us,

God in our speaking,

God in our thinking, 

God in our sleeping, 

God in our waking, 

God in our watching, 

God in our hoping, 

Thanks be to God.