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Our faculty is committed to guiding our students as they build fundamental academic skills. Every student is viewed as a competent protagonist and initiator, full of potential and capable of achieving academic success while working to make our world a better place.

The Infant + Toddler Program provides a caring and warm environment for young children to transition into a school routine. Daily hands-on experiences help students safely and joyously explore their worlds. We encourage the use of sensory materials, literature and vocabulary exposure, time outside, music, art, and unstructured play. Students participate in Spanish lessons and cultural immersion activities each week. Teachers focus on introducing academics but also on life skills including self-feeding, communication, gross motor development and potty training. 

Our Pre-Kindergarten, Junior-Kindergarten and Kindergarten curriculum is constructed and developed over the course of the school year. The teachers follow the interests of the students to determine themes and projects each semester. Students participate in our school-wide Hub Topic. Academics are embedded into the curriculum in innovative ways that seek to reach all learning styles and developmental levels. Math, science and language arts are integrated into each school day. Students participate in Spanish, studio art, music and physical education.

First and 2nd grade students receive instruction in language arts, mathematics, social studies and science. They also participate in Spanish, studio art, music and physical education. Students begin to attend Chapel twice a week in first grade and this continues through 8th grade. Our curriculum uses a workshop model composed of four different parts: mini-lessons, independent work time, small group time and debriefing. 

Third through 5th graders participate in all classes listed above while honing skills and strategies to support them for success in future educational endeavors. Inspired by a place-based approach, teachers connect students with our surrounding community through “Learning Journeys.” Learning journeys take students off campus to develop a deeper understanding of the curriculum being studied. Fourth graders join our Elective programming twice a week. We also introduce service learning during this time. 

We believe that being the oldest in a school environment during the middle school years is something that benefits everyone - our middle school leaders and our younger students who interact with and look up to them. Our Middle School day (for our 6th, 7th and 8th grades) continues to build on our dynamic curriculum with a strong focus on place-based education. Students participate in Humanities which encompasses social studies and language arts. A specific writing class is added to our curriculum. Students receive homework most evenings in an effort to build academic skills, executive functioning strengths and grit. Students should expect homework at least four nights each week, most often in math and Humanities. Students participate in two overnight trips each year: a leadership trip to Camp Lakewood every fall, and an extended learning journey every spring. 

Spanish class