Learn About "The Difference"

  • Student with Basketball

    The St. Michael School of Clayton celebrates that your child is strong, unique, capable, and intelligent. We value your child’s whole self. Our Difference is shown through fully embracing every child’s learning style and enjoying the freedom to individualize a unique, experiential and educational approach to each student.

    The Difference is Physical Education every day, supporting that classrooms can come without walls. The Difference is discovering how math magically meanders its way into music class or tossing in some conversational Spanish over lunch. The Difference is weaving creative writing into studio art.

    Loving to learn and learning to love are foundations of The Difference. When a student celebrates their favorite subject in clever and unique ways, experiences the joy of innovation, asks tough questions, and contemplates the answers, this is The Difference. Reading to your friends, even if they are stuffed animals, increases self-confidence and becomes contagious when kids become exposed to what living The Difference can do.

    The Difference is the attention afforded by small class sizes and the ability to individually promote confidence, curiosity, and exploration. The Difference is constructing the periodic table in studio or making room for a science or history lesson in P.E.. Working hands-on around collaborative tables in our community. We create connections for happy, well-rounded children who thrive when thinking outside the box. Please schedule a tour to experience the Difference for your child and family.