• At TSMSOC we provide students the opportunities to work with our incredible group of specialists. Our speciality programs include studio arts, performing arts, science, and physical education. They are each dedicated individuals in their field of study and support multidisciplinary projects in coordination with our Hub research topic.

  • Performing Arts

    Daily participation and exposure to music and performing arts is naturally integrated into life at TSMSOC. A talented musician, Mr. Lang, helps students experience singing, performing, dancing, composition, theory, and more. Students feel comfortable learning and performing as part of a band, orchestra, or ensemble. Mr. Lang is an expert at coordinating our larger performances, as well as our all-school assemblies and parent events. 

  • Studio Art

    Mrs. Eppert is a seasoned member of our TSMSOC family. In 2019, she transitioned from our P.E. program to our Studio Art program, bringing with her a wealth of talent and skill to the studio. She is a skillful artist who exposes our students to the many forms of expression. Art history, theory, design, creativity, craftsmanship, and reflection are interwoven into students' daily experiences. There is no limit to what artistic avenues are explored here at TSMSOC – color mixing, sewing, handstitching, woodworking, ceramics, painting, drawing, printing, and bookmaking are just some of the favorites. We have two studios for our students, one for toddlers – 2nd graders and another for 3rd – 8th graders. 

    Miss. Monica has been a beloved team member of the TSMSOC Family beginning in 2010. She began her career at the school as a homeroom teacher and moved into the atelierista role after eight years. She brings with her a love of art, teaching and children. She is a creative and flexible art teacher always trying to find a unique way to introduce and captivate the children’s attention. Miss. Monica consistently prepares developmentally appropriate art instruction, paying close attention to those developmental milestones and age-appropriate art techniques. Learners in her classroom will feel supported, loved and respected. Additionally, her students will be encouraged creatively and their art expression will be valued by themselves and the community.

  • Physical Education

    Mr. B shares his passion to help the student make a connection between lifelong physical activity and overall health and well-being – be it biking, rafting, ultimate frisbee, orienteering, or just having fun. His P.E. program is heavily influenced by our surrounding community and how to use the natural environment for physical education. Character development, collaboration, and team-work are daily parts of this program. Mr. B is a former Olympian in speed skating. Students absolutely love to learn from him and this program.

  • Science

    Ms. Morrison’s inventive, exploratory approach to science in our elementary program encourages students to question, research, experiment, and reflect on diverse subject areas. Students are met with a fun and caring environment that excites their senses and gets students involved. Students enjoy collaborating and creating as part of our science program, especially when taught by this engaging and encouraging teacher. 

    Our middle school science program is designed to prepare our students for high school science courses. Under the leadership of Mrs. Myrick, students dive deeply into biology and the human body, as well as inorganic and organic chemistry. Additional units in robotics, physics and botany are also woven into student experiences. Mrs. Myrick is also a graduate of culinary school. She shares her expertise and creations with our community and teaches our students about food preparation, cooking, knife skills and efficiency in the kitchen. 

  • At TSMSC our students have exposure to Spanish every day. We want to foster a love for different languages and cultures. Our students will learn that learning a new language is fun and one of the most practical and useful tools they will acquire in life.

    Señora Sandra incorporates hands-on projects and experiences in Spanish that make learning the language fun. Whether singing songs, playing games, cooking or learning about different countries where Spanish is the main language, children will love learning in our unique, hands-on environment.

    We are confident they will develop a passion for learning different languages.