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Middle School Information

  • The St. Michael School of Clayton is influenced by the Reggio Approach and place-based education. Our middle school, 6th, 7th, 8th grades, are the grades that tie the bow in the gift of attending The St. Michael School of Clayton. The middle school is where the culmination of studies and research come together for the students and teachers. Our students experience Spanish, PE, Science, Studio Arts, Performing Arts, Reading and Math on a daily basis. The middle school students at TSMSOC are vested in their learning, are strong, capable, intelligent leaders and learners. Our students go on to the best of the secondary schools in St. Louis. They have been taught to lead and collaborate with others. The level of learning in middle school is rigorous to prepare our children to graduate and shine in their next educational endeavor. Humanities, Math and Science are specifically targeted for students to enter secondary schools prepared and to accept the challenges of the elite schools in St. Louis. 
    Our students experience a rich curriculum and learning journeys to support the academics presented. Middle school students have traveled to the Great Smoky Institute at Tremont, Teton Mountain Science School, Dauphin Island, Washington DC and Chicago, depending on their course of study. Service Learning is at the forefront of our middle school and considered a priority to graduate. Our students volunteer at Cornerstone Early Learning Center, Red Bike, Humane Society, and collect food and clothes for many organizations. 
    Our small class sizes and collaborative learning is magical. It enables the middle schooler to enter and complete middle school with confidence and to find the love of learning needed to be successful as a life-long learner.