Financial Aid Application Information

  • The St. Michael School of Clayton is dedicated to helping families with the cost of private school tuition. We value the importance of equity and inclusion within our community. To help with the cost of tuition, we offer need-based tuition assistance. This year, 30% of our community is receiving tuition assistance.

    If you are interested in applying for financial aid, please visit FACTS.

    FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment is a service of FACTS Management Company designed to assist St. Michael School of Clayton with its financial aid allocation. Financial Aid is available to families that qualify. Current St. Michael School families receive priority when awards are made. The maximum award given is equal to fifty percent tuition cost.

    FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment uses key personal and financial information to evaluate your need for financial aid. Completing an application will provide the information required to help your school administrators make an informed decision about awarding tuition aid.

    Application Process:

    - Complete the online Financial Aid application
    - Submit the following documents:
         - Federal Income Tax Return
         - W-2 form(s)
         - Supporting Documentation of non-taxable income to FACTS

    FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment will then recommend to The St. Michael School of Clayton how much financial assistance is needed by each family that has applied. The final decision on how much financial aid to be given to each family will be made by the Financial Aid Committee.

    Contact Lori Timmons with any questions. 

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