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Meet Mr. Lang

Introducing Interim Head of School Peter Lang

The St. Michael School of Clayton is proud to introduce Mr. Peter Lang as the Interim Head of School. Peter’s extensive background spanning education, music, leadership, and business has culminated in his appointment to this position. He is poised to bring forth an era of innovation, creativity, and comprehensive growth for our students, faculty and school community.

For more than 25 years, Peter has dedicated himself to the world of education and music. As the Director of Performing Arts at The St. Michael School of Clayton, his vision has always been clear: harness the transformative power of music to instill confidence and a positive attitude in students. His belief that every educational touchpoint can be a beacon of hope for students has resonated with countless educators, parents, and students.

Peter's educational journey began at Webster University, where he earned an undergraduate degree in Jazz Studies. His passion for music led him to further his education, embarking on a master's degree in the same field. However, the allure of the international stage called out to him, prompting him to pause his academic journey to immerse himself in the global music scene. In addition to his success in the classroom and on the concert stage, he took a break from the music world, leading by example by successfully managing a small business and its team of employees. Through all of this, he never lost his desire to further his education and returned to school to acquire a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Management and Leadership.

Throughout his tenure at The St. Michael School of Clayton, Peter has held a variety of leadership roles, including upper school student coordinator, director of technology and ISACS review curriculum coordinator. Beyond the classroom, he has championed the cause of music education in city schools as the Director of Education for Power of Music, facilitating the donation of hundreds of ukuleles.

In addition to his leadership roles at the school, Peter has also been instrumental in fostering a vibrant community of music educators. As the founder of Pivotalsoul Productions, he has built a network of performing arts instructors dedicated to making musical education both fun and impactful. Peter Lang's diverse experiences, combined with his unwavering commitment to education and personal development, position him to successfully lead our school into the future. His mantra, "Long before perfection, practice makes it possible," encapsulates his philosophy — a belief in persistence, passion, and the transformative power of education.