• Ian started with St. Michaels School part way into 2nd grade. He immediately thrived in the environment and found friends that he remains in contact with even today. Ian attended St Michaels through 8th grade, graduating onto Whitfield School.  He reflects that St. Michael's learning environment was the most fun he had ever had.
    While at Whitfield, he excelled at his studies, achieving an average 3.6 GPA across all years.  As a senior, he took advanced classes such as Spanish, Accelerated Physics,  Economics, Psychology and AP English Language/Composition. He graduated on the President’s Honor Roll of which we are all very proud.
    He grew to find history and politics very interesting and formed the Model UN club where he was nominated Secretary General.  Ian attended multiple delegations where his resolutions were unanimously passed.  He also offered frequent amendments to others resolutions. 
    As a senior, Ian joined the wrestling team as a JV player. While he wasn’t a superstar, he did mature significantly.  He learned much about his own abilities and how to approach challenges. His junior year break, and now as a graduate senior, he has taken summer school classes with Tufts University and Harvard University. The programs were in International relations and governance. This year, the Harvard program final grade was a group presentation. Out of 40 teams, there were 6 selected to present to the head professor. Ian lead his team to be one of the 6 finalists. 
    Ian was accepted at every college he applied to and selected IE University in Madrid, Spain. He committed to a 5 year program that will give him a Masters in International Business Relations and International Business Management. His goal, as he puts it, is to work for the state department or the CIA. After learning Spanish, starting in 2nd grade at St. Michaels, he will be immersed in it through college.

    When first investigating schools, our goal was to find an environment that would embody the idea that learning does not have to be a rote experience. Finding a school that embraced the concept that learning is unique to each person and that uniqueness should be nurtured was a quality that was extremely important to us. TSMSOC exceeded our expectations by fostering learning and growth in each of our children that reflected their individual characters.

    Before writing this, I asked each of my children to reflect and share with me their thoughts on how TSMSOC influenced their lives. The common response was that learning was fun and that they were loved. But for each son, TSMSOC had a unique impact ranging from subtle to profound.

    “TSMSOC showed me that there are many ways to approach and solve a problem. Solutions can be found through many means, and it is important to explore each opportunity” – Attending Fordham University
    “I loved the experimental learning that TSMSOC offered: bike riding, visiting the art museum and studio art class, trip to the Grand Tetons. I learned that it is important to look at things to understand them and to be open to adventure.” – Attending St. Louis University

    “After transferring from a traditional textbook and lecture school curriculum, TSMSOC exposed me to a unique teaching methodology that included experiential learning, the freedom to ask questions, and exploring creative ways to find solutions. This more dimensional style of learning broadened my approach to problem solving in ways that are not achievable in a rote learning environment.” -Graduate of Washington University

    “TSMSOC approach to learning was massive for me. Learning became much more enjoyable. The teachers at TSMSOC had a huge impact on my life. They showed me that not only could I learn, but that I am smart. They restored my confidence in myself, and I would say that they gave me the tools and confidence to be successful.” - Graduate of Miami University – Oxford, Ohio

    TSMSOC teaching style responded to each of my son’s learning styles. They each flourished in the creative, flexible learning environment that promotes learning as an opportunity for exploration. My sons are thoughtful, successful, well-rounded individuals. TSMSOC provided each of them with a strong foundation to be successful.