Clothing to be worn at The St. Michael School of Clayton should be chosen for safety, neatness, appropriateness, and comfort. No low-cut or midriff-showing tops or short shorts are permitted. Shirts should not display profane words or other disrespectful messages and should not depict logos advertising alcoholic beverages.  *No hats/caps or hoods are to be worn inside the school building.  If an outfit is deemed inappropriate, an email will be sent to parents, and appropriate attire will be provided during the school day.  

    *Exemptions for hats/caps will be considered for religious, cultural, or medical reasons.

    All students should keep a complete change of weather-appropriate clothing at school (including socks and underwear).

    Clearly label each item of clothing and personal belongings with your child’s name.

    • Athletic shoes are to be worn at all times for safety reasons. 
    • 4th-8th grade students are required to wear athletic running shoes every day. 
    • All grades–crocs, sandals, or any open-toed shoes are not allowed. 

    Athletic Shoes: A closed-toe shoe designed to be worn for sports, exercising, or recreational activity, such as racquetball, jogging, biking, etc. 

    Weather Appropriate Attire
    Outdoor activities are scheduled every day unless weather conditions are extreme. Children should be dressed accordingly so that in cold or snowy weather, hats, boots, and gloves or mittens are available.