• The TSMSOC early education program (Pre-K-second grade) has evolved from the educational philosophy of Reggio Emilia. Our Reggio-inspired approach to learning provides the child with rich, intellectual, and creatively stimulating experiences. The program also emphasizes developmentally appropriate practice for each age-level that builds fundamental skills in reading, writing, and mathematics, taught through a variety of pedagogical methods. 

    In the Pre-K, JK, and KG classes, curriculum is constructed and developed over the course of the school year. As a Reggio-inspired school, the teachers follow the interests of children, in addition to other themes and projects that emerge. Students participate in the school-wide Hub research project as appropriate to their age and interest level. Academics are imbedded into the curriculum in addition to being taught in innovative ways that seek to reach all learning styles and developmental stages. Math, science, and language arts integrated throughout the day. 

    First and second-grade students receive instruction in language arts, mathematics, social studies, and both grades also participate in chapel, music, physical education, Spanish, science, and studio arts. The core curriculum (reading, writing and math) in the first and second grade classrooms use a workshop model composed of four basic parts: mini-lessons, independent work time, small group time and debriefing. This model encourages active participation from all students and differentiation for each student.

    At TSMSOC, we foster positive and supportive and student/teacher relationships. Each classroom culture is one of collaboration and cooperation. The children engage in daily class meetings and take responsibility for caring for the environment and for each other and are encouraged and expected to use peers as resources.