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    TSMSOC employs three full-time learning specialists. These positions include a full-time learning consultant, a speech and language pathologist, and an occupational therapist. These three specialists focus mainly on assisting those students who have diagnosed learning differences and support teachers with avenues for differentiation and scaffolding. Our faculty and administration is very open to partnering with established tutors, Special School District representatives, therapists, and doctors to ensure we are providing the best environment for learning for the students.

    Learning Consultant:

    The learning consultant provides one-on-one and small group support for K-8 students with various learning disabilities, and is available to support teachers in implementing modifications and accommodations within the classroom to fit all learning needs. 

    Speech and Language:

    The speech/language pathologist provides one-on-one and small group therapy for PK-8th grade in the areas of:  articulation/speech, expressive and receptive language, and pragmatic/social language.  In addition to therapy, the SLP is a resource for classroom teachers in all areas of speech/language development.  Speech/articulation and language screenings are administered by the SLP at the start of the school year for new PK-2nd grade students.

    Occupational Therapist:

    The occupational therapist’s role at TSMSOC is to support student participation in school routines while promoting independence. The occupational therapist provides services in the classroom, as well as one-on-one and group therapy for PK-8th grade in the areas of: fine motor, sensory, emotional regulation, executive functioning, gross motor, and handwriting. Fine motor screenings are completed for each new PK-3rd grade student.