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Shoeman Water Project


A representative from the Shoeman Water Project came and spoke with our students about the global need for clean, safe drinking water and one way we can help.

Instead of dropping shoes that are no longer wanted into the trash, tie or rubber band them together  and donate to Shoeman Water Projects via the box at the entrance to our school.
The sale of these shoes funds water clean water projects in developing countries. Unwanted shoes can have a second life.  Giving new & gently used shoes to  SWP has so many benefits:


  • To reduce waste going into local landfills
  • To provide shoes in local communities to fill a need
  • To create jobs 
  • To provide educational opportunities


  • Provide safe, clean water to communities without
  • Provide water sanitation training
  • Provide health and hygiene education
  • Encourage economic opportunities
  • Increase education and economic opportunities for women and children