Problem Solving

Presenting children with rich problem solving situations provides possibilities for the child to invent and discover.



We rely on parent volunteers to keep our events running smoothly. The more help we have, the less work there is to be done by each person. Not all of these opportunities are during school hours, so even working parents can volunteer. If you are going to purchase something on behalf of the school, please pick up a tax-free id form from the front office before going to the store. You will not be expected to shoulder the burden of any cost but you will need to submit your receipts for reimbursement by the school. There is no cost to attend most of these events. Parents are asked to sign up for at least three of the following events.

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Here is a brief description of our annual volunteer opportunities:

1. Ice cream social

5-7 pm: Families meet up at location at Shaw Park to see old faces and meet new students/parents. Ice cream will be served.

2. First Day of School

Help us by bringing granola bars, juice or coffee to kick off the First Day of School.

3. Trivia Night and our Annual Dragon Gala!

These are our fundraising events for the year. We need tons of help with this function! Please note this is an evening event, so if volunteers can’t help during the school day, they should be able to help with this night.

4. Picture Day

9am-12 pm: 
Parents help to ferry children from classrooms to the Taylor Room or outside for class picture-taking.

5. Vision Screening

Parents help to ferry children from classrooms to the Taylor Room for voluntary vision screening.

6. Student Note Cards

Organized and distribute student made notecards.

7. Teacher Appreciation Day

Parents and students work together to show teachers, staff & administration how much we appreciate their hard work. This event is scheduled on a day without classes when the teachers are at school (a.k.a. In-service day.)

8. Variety Show

Children showcase their individual talents the last day of school before spring break begins. All volunteers will serve at the request of the teacher in charge of the variety show. Some help will be needed to ferry children to rehearsals; some help will be the day of the event.

9. Orienteering

SMSOC students go to Tilles Park during the school day to follow maps, read compasses and work on other orienteering skills. Parent volunteers will serve at the request of Mrs. Eppert, our P.E. teacher.

10. Last Day

Parents, students and teachers come together after school for a few last hours of fun before summer begins. Venue is TBA; usually at a nearby park. SMSOC provides fried chicken. Parents each bring either a side dish or a dessert. Everyone brings his or her own choice of beverage.

11. Rewards

Parents and students are all encouraged to give SMSOC box tops, coke rewards, and labels for education throughout the year. Target and Schnucks sponsor incentive programs all are encouraged to participate. Volunteers are needed to coordinate these programs:

12. Room Parent

Parents are needed to coordinate class parties during the school year: Halloween, winter break, Valentine’s Day and last day. Funds for the parties are collected at the beginning of the school year; the room parents budget these funds, purchase goodies and games.

13. Mentor a New Family

If you are interested in sharing your SMSOC expertise with a new family, please sign up for this volunteer opportunity. You will be responsible for making them feel welcome at our SMSOC community by answering their questions about curriculum, social events and activities.

14. Work Day

Work Day is usually the Saturday after school ends and again the week before school starts. Volunteers spiff up problem areas, repaint, clean, etc. to prepare for the next school year.