It is the educator’s responsibility to teach and research along with the child and parent to support learning and success. The building of meaningful relationships produces a reciprocal exchange between children, parents and educators.

Alumni News

We frequently get asked about our alums. Below are some snippets from emails we’ve recently received:


“Izzy is a first-year student at Carleton College in Northfield, MN, major undeclared. While she was at Burroughs, she participated in printmaking, photography, and sculpture all six years (thank you, Michael Holohan). She tested out of Carleton’s language requirement because she got a 5 on the Spanish AP test (thank you, Nora House).  This summer Izzy lifeguarded at the Brentwood Forest pool.

Few days go by that Mike and I don’t thank SMSOC for putting Izzy on the path of loving learning. We are so grateful to you and all her teachers for making school fun, relevant, interesting, and child-centered. Putting her at SMSOC will always stand out in my mind as the best thing we did for Izzy because it exposed her to life and education in a way that changed her life for the better. Great families. Great teachers. Great approach (Reggio Emilia). Friendly environment. When I took her to Carleton to visit several years ago, she said, “This is like the St. Michael School…”


“Hope graduated from Crossroads this past May and is attending Tulane University in New Orleans.  Right now she is a declared Public Health major.  Since she is just in her first year, that will probably change.  Hope also completed an Arangetram (which is a graduation from Classical Indian Dance) this past May.  She was the first non-Indian in St. Louis to do this solo dance performance.  This was a big highlight to her high school days.  

Maya is a Sophomore at Crossroads. She plays volleyball and soccer, and is an Ambassador.
Both our girls still love learning which is a credit to their elementary years at  St. Michael’s.
I hope all is well with you and your staff and faculty. “


“Ask Adam about his music and song writing in Nashville.  This is all because you, Pete and Gerard helped him find his passion then provided him with the encouragement and opportunities to experience it at a young age!  Thank you for believing in him when no one else did!”


“As for Nick…he is a sophomore at Wake Forest and plans to major in business.  He is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity.  This summer he worked in grounds maintenance at Meadowbrook Country Club.  (He still enjoys driving by the St. Michael school!!)

I know you went to bat for Nick with regards to his admission into Priory.  We greatly appreciate that.  It was absolutely the right place for him..he even graduated Cum Laude!

Many Thanks!”


“Ellen earned her MA in Art History from NYU’s Institute of Fine Art on the Upper East Side of NYC last spring.  She spent two years there and shared a very small apartment about a mile from the IFA and walked to school.  She very much loved the excitement of NYC.  But moved in August to Atlanta to begin the pursuit of a PhD in Art History in Greek Antiquities of the Hellenistic period at Emory University.  She still has the desire to work in an Art Museum.  She has really settled into Atlanta, and it turns out friends from St. Louis and college live there too!  Ellen is again sharing an apartment; but this one is twice the size of the NYC one, has air conditioning, a pool and an exercise room in the complex and is HALF the price!  She is very happy with that.  Emory’s program is a challenge, but Ellen is enjoying it.

Sam is in his last year at Ithaca College in Ithaca, NY.  Last semester he spent in London on Ithaca’s London Center there taking British Literature, British Art History, British Architecture, and Shakespeare, and doing an internship with a movie producer there.  This past summer he was here in St. Louis interning with the media company CoolFire. He loved his time in London, but was happy to get back to Ithaca and reconnect with friends there at Ithaca and at Cornell. Sam has always been a hard worker. And Sam and Andrew and I are grateful for the “Donut Club” that you, Beth, set up to work with him and a few other students in 2nd through 4 th grade.  Ever since then, Beth he loves stories and wants to tell them. He is working hard on producing his thesis film for his degree in film.  Sam still wants to make movies, something he started at SMS with Willie Herndon and Theresa Eppert’s counsel and mentoring.

Jamie is in his second year at Washington & Lee University in Lexington, VA.  He is thinking of being a Business major but has found other classes in history and politics interesting and won’t decide his major until the spring semester.  Last spring he took a course on paleontology and at the end of the semester they spent a week traveling and camping in Colorado and Utah to see the dinosaur fossils.  This past summer he had a five week internship in NYC (after Ellen had moved) with Morgan Stanley in wealth management.  He found it very exciting and fun.  He has carried with him from SMS the desire to make friends, to be kind to every one, and to think strategically.  (Thank you Elizabeth Bailey! He completes his homework and learned that the purpose for it is to practice and build on what he learns. (Thank you Angie Ridder!)”


“Gianna is a sophomore at Smith College in Northampton, MA. She’s majoring in Women & Gender studies, possibly with an education minor. This past summer she created and directed a social justice summer camp for grade school kids and  plans to do it again next year. The camp focused on Race, environment and gender and ways that kids can become involved in shaping our world. We always talk about her experiences at SMS and how formative those years were for her.”