Children are the ones who shape their school experience rather than being shaped for them. The school and the curriculum must respond to the child.



What is pedagogy?

Pedagogy is the science and art of education.

At The St. Michael School of Clayton, a progressive educational experience, we believe it is the educator’s responsibility to teach and research along with the child and parent to support learning and success. We believe all children are strong, capable and intelligent. We believe the heart of learning is listening. Being fully attentive to children and listening enables children to build relationships and accelerates their learning. We listen to children and allow our children to take the initiative and yet, guide them in productive ways. The St. Michael School of Clayton is influenced by many progressive educational practices but rely on the Reggio approach to guide us day to day. The Reggio approach fosters a child’s intellectual development and encourages them to explore their environment and express themselves through multiple paths and all their languages including the expressive, communicative, symbolic, cognitive, ethical, metaphorical, logical, imaginative and relational.