Children are the ones who shape their school experience rather than being shaped for them. The school and the curriculum must respond to the child.

3rd/4th Overnight @ Shaw Nature Reserve

Our time at Shaw Nature Reserve was wonderful! Students got the tiniest taste of pioneer living when they practiced “wood chores,” made dip candles, and made food that was cooked outside using dutch ovens. Not all of the food turned out, and the pizzas ended up being rather…small. But thankfully, Dominoes delivers to the overnight center so we were able to supplement the meal. Oh, the modern conveniences!

In the evening, we learned some common frog and toad calls and then headed out to gather data on frog populations. When we got back, there was a toasty campfire awaiting us. The next day was a little rainy & a bit chilly, but we headed out to see what macroinvertebrates we could catch and identify in a nearby pond.

The kids had time to climb trees, explore, play, and hang in the beautiful cabins. Shaw is a such a special place, a place where amazing work is being done to restore the landscape and equally amazing work is being done to reconnect children and adults to nature. We are so grateful to be able to spend time there!

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