Creativity expresses itself through cognitive, affective, and imaginative processes. These come together and support the skills for predicting and arriving at unexpected solutions.

October 24th, 2016

Students worked with Forest Park Forever to plant native plants in an area of the Kennedy Woods. We explored the restored oak savanna where we dammed sections of a small creek, collected creek water, watered new plantings in the savanna, and collected seeds. Now we’re looking forward to re-visiting these spots to see how they change over time. (more…)

Stanford University, B.A. in history.

Teachers College/Columbia University, M.A. English

Jan moved to St. Louis in 1982 and for twenty-seven years he served as Head of the Lower School and Head of the Middle School at St. Louis Country Day School and at MICDS.

About Reggio


The Reggio Emilia approach is an educational philosophy that focuses on each child’s natural development, emphasizing that learning must make sense to the student in order to be effective and meaningful. In Reggio inspired schools, many different points of view are valued and respected, including the points of view of the individual child, the teachers, and the parents.

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