Exceptional Children

Children are strong, capable and intelligent with an inexhaustible need for expression and realization.

concert pic
October 20th, 2014

Heads turned on Wydown Blvd. Friday, as three musicians cranked out a playground concert featuring a piano resting atop a three person, custom made bicycle. They’re called “Mr. B’s Joybox Express,” (more…)

University of Redlands, BFA in Studio Art and Art History

Director of The St. Louis Reggio Collaborative 1998-2000

Artistic Director of Pro-Art Gallery, St. Louis, MO 1986-1992

USA Triathlon Certified Level 1 Coach

Tri-Athlete and Tri-Art Coach (more…)

About Reggio


The Reggio Emilia approach is an educational philosophy that focuses on each child’s natural development, emphasizing that learning must make sense to the student in order to be effective and meaningful. In Reggio inspired schools, many different points of view are valued and respected, including the points of view of the individual child, the teachers, and the parents.

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